Saturday, July 23, 2011

My First ever Giveaway's Entry 【ツ】

As I started following some blogger that I found so cute and interesting, I notice that there's so many kind bloggers out there who gives "Giveaways" for their followers.  

It makes me feel good, and wanna try my luck to some contests that I really found interesting.

This is the first one that caught my eyes! 

I really want to have that DollyWink false lashes, as i see them on the blogger's post.
Since I only have a short lashes, I think, it would be fun wearing those!
This makes me feel, !!!

Next is those nail paints, 'coz I'm planning to make blogs about nail art, well, I didn't start it yet, so Im hoping and wishing that I'll get those!!! And make some tutorials!

And I really love the Deco Nail Fabric Bows!

Actually I love them all, since I'm just a Housewife, I can't easily buy those things for myself, because Family comes first, right?  

Well then, I'll just pray that I'll get those prizes... Wish me LUCK


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