Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Nail Art Collection ^__^

Since I am new here in GFC, I will post my recent nail art collection in just one blog.

Kero-Keroppi Design 
I made this for my friend.

Cute Flower Design

Ed Hardy Inspired Design
O, I really love that chocolate!! yay!

Tri-Color Leopard Design
I used my eye-shadow pigments to achieve this sparkly color! :)

Rainbow Inspired Design
Please ignore me, focus on my nails! haha

Cute Strawberry Design

Baby Tazmanian Devil
He's my fave cartoon character :D

Golden Flower Design

Sparkling design

Silver Flower Design

Red/Black Hearts/Diamonds

"So Colorful" Design

That's all for now guys!
Hope you'll like it!
BTW: This is all my original design! 


  1. Your nail arts are so cute!:) what nail polish brand did you use and what did you use to design it?:)

  2. Thanks Jae! :) I only use Carona, Bobbie, 24K. They're all cheap. hahaha I use acrylic ink for the designs. :)